Michael S. Greer

Founding Partner,

Executive Vice President & Managing Director

Jack Mastromattei

Chief Operating Officer

Jason Shields

Chief Financial Officer

Alexander Vertsadlov

Head of Trading Department.

Chief Consultant

Christina Soares

Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Business Integrity

Mason Tang

Chief Revenue Officer & Head of Client Experience

Olga Kotova

General distributor

Craig Schleyer

Chief Administrative Officer & Head of IFM

ReaL CapitaL is always looking for talented, dynamic and passionate individuals to join our team. We recognize that in order to promote our philosophy and platforms, we need the right people. We want engaged individuals who are interested in being part of a fast-paced, innovative and constantly evolving firm.

Employment opportunities range from co-op, recent undergraduate and early-career to experienced professionals. We invite you to contact us if you think you would be a great fit.

We will be glad to see you as a member of our friendly international team.

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