Binary option is a contract, which consists in forecasting the price at a conditional time for an international high-value asset. For example, for oil, currency or gold. Trading takes place in real time on the exchange.

ReaL CapitaL is an intermediary between nat. person and exchange.

ReaL CapitaL, provides access to a real exchange and a class A trading terminal.

With the help of the terminal, a trader (investor) buys shares of a company.

If he guessed correctly, and the shares rose in price, then the investor will make a profit. But the growth must happen exactly on time, otherwise the deal will not work.


Binary options really make it possible to earn very quickly, the balance can be found out immediately after the conclusion of the transaction.
For starters, an inexperienced candidate should familiarize himself with the theory and strategy of successful options traders. You can get financial analytics from ReaL CapitaL.
Also, go through a small excursion, from experienced traders, on the topic: the basics of price prediction.
Sign up for online trainings at ReaL Business School.
Only after understanding the specifics of trading on binary options, you can open a real account and invest money.
In this case, the chances of winning are increased several times.

ReaL CapitaL provides a separate BINARY OPTIONS platform.