financial advisors

Familiarization and start of work in the trading terminal.


Familiarization and informing the client about the market situation.

Providing ready-made trading signals for the client.

Building a competent trading strategy.

Calculation of earnings from each transaction.

Minimization of risks when trading.

All traders who work with ReaL CapitaL , according to the company's regulations, undergo independent certification on a quarterly basis.

Without confirmation of qualifications from IIROC, a trader is not allowed to work.

In the event that a mistake on the part of the trader entailed the loss of the investor's funds, after an independent verification, the ReaL CapitaL company undertakes to pay 100% of the amount of the lost funds of the investor to his account, within three working days.

In the event of a mistake on the part of the investor, ReaL CapitaL is not responsible for the safety and reimbursement of funds.

the client can also refuse to work with a trader, or contact the company to replace a specialist.

in case of any disputes between an investor and a trader, please kindly report the situation in support, in the investor's personal account or by specifying the account number, report to the support mail, at

We value our reputation and value each client, we will immediately take measures to resolve the situation as soon as possible and competently.

Our team includes more than 1000 financial advisors around the world