Become part of our friendly team. Build your business the right way, avoid risk, build your financial plan and get things done with our one of 1000 client oriented consultants. You only receive information from the consultant, discuss the profitability of the transaction with him before entering it, you perform all the actions on your account with your own hands.
The interest of our consultants is 15% of the client's net profit for 30 days or a quarter.
Without confirmation of qualifications from IIROC, a consultant is not allowed to work.
In the event that an error on the part of the trader resulted in the loss of the investor's funds, after an independent verification, Real CapitaL undertakes to pay 100% of the amount of the investor's lost funds to his account within three business days.
In the event of an error on the part of the investor, Real CapitaL is not responsible for the safety and return of funds.


Become an investor or manage the accounts of attracted investors yourself or with the help of our consultant.
You can also invest in a separate consultant.
Invest in trusted trading by creating and issuing a separate password for the advisor.
Manage investor accounts.

Each person who comes from you brings % to your account from each deals

We value every client for choosing Real Capital.
We are proud to be the first official online broker to provide % of every affiliate program deal.

*** We do not do something like network marketing, we are a broker.
It does not matter how many people have registered using the affiliate link, the trading process is important for each of your partners.
The more deals the partner opens, the more% goes to your account.

*** Important: the affiliate link is valid only for verified accounts