ReaL CapitaL was founded on a fierce sense of entrepreneurial spirit, which is a key driver of independent thought. By putting the right internal structur and staff in place, all clients can run their businesses, their way.

No hidden commission

When we were developing our business model, the first thing we sought to eliminate was the single biggest variable in a consultant's practice: the commission grid. At Real CapitaL, we do not charge a fixed monthly advisory fee as we do not have access to client accounts and funds. Only the client, personally, pays for the consultant's services, in the amount of 15% of the profit that was earned on the signals and accompanied by the consultant.


In order to constantly have control over your funds, you do not need to be constantly in front of the computer or worry that you will miss something. RealL CapitaL provides a business platform that is accessible and works flawlessly even from your smartphone. Wherever you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection. A web version is available, as well as an application that you can download from the PlaY Market and the App Store.

Business Integrity

Clients' funds are kept separately from the company's funds and are recalculated by independent audit companies. Also, Real CapitaL, while maintaining corporate ethics, does not expose or provide the amount of earnings or the history of trading to spenders.
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